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Energize Your Cinema Experience by Staying at Home

Home theater room with a projector and projection screen setup, comfy seating, and lamps in the foreground.

Explore What’s Possible with a Home Theater System Installation

There’s no need to commute across town to visit the local cineplex whenever you want to watch a movie. Now, you can experience the immersive new worlds expertly crafted by award-winning directors from the comfort of your home in Northern Colorado. 

Keep reading below to explore what’s possible when you have a full-service home theater system design and installation in your Fort Collins-area home. We’ll walk you through what you’ll experience once you press the Play button!

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The Experience

Imagine walking into your perfectly calibrated home theater room, sitting down in plush Cinema Tech seating designed for hours of movie marathon viewing, and pressing the Play button to begin a magical movie or TV show experience!

Lights dim to the perfect setting throughout the room thanks to Lutron lighting control technology and Ketra full-spectrum fixtures. Lights are off near the screen at the front of the room so the display is vibrant with contrasting colors. The Barco projector is bold and bright, ensuring every exquisite detail on the screen is crisp and clear. On the sides of the room are sconce fixtures that complement your theater’s unique decor, and at the back of the room are decorative pendant lights above the snack bar. You and your guests can safely get a popcorn and drink refill. Pathway lights along the floor serve as a safety measure as well, helping you navigate around the room without tripping over your feet.

The sound envelops you, seemingly coming from every direction thanks to Wisdom Audio speakers and StormAudio processors. The acoustically transparent projection screen from Seymour Screen Excellence hides but doesn’t dampen the sound emanating from the left, right, and center channel speakers mounted behind it. Mikodam acoustic panels on walls and ceilings prevent acoustical defects and help sound evenly distribute throughout your media space. And because the 7220 Consulting team professionally calibrated your home theater system, you get a full sound effect as objects move across the screen. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the scene itself!

Above & Beyond

Having a home theater system is quite the luxury, and having our experts with you every step of the process ensures you’re happy with the final project. We offer turnkey home theater services from start to finish. Each aspect of your entertainment oasis is engineered with precision and managed by professionals, from the initial consultation to post-installation support! The best time to begin planning for a new home theater system is early so our team can start from the ground up! 


Contact us using our online form to start on your dream home theater system today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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