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Networking Solutions You Need to Consider For Your Home

Networking rack installed in a client’s home with several yellow connection cables organized neatly.

Let 7220 Consulting Take the Guesswork Out of Connectivity

Take a moment to think of how many devices you have connected to your Wyoming home’s network. In 2022, the average American household has 16 connected devices, but that device count triples in homes with smart home control systems, according to CE Pro, the leading online and print publication for the custom electronics industry.

Advanced networking solutions from a professional team like 7220 Consulting are required to support various devices and systems, including automated shades, lighting control, and home theaters. To experience what daily living could be like in Casper or the surrounding areas, keep reading below! We’ll walk you through what it takes to set up a network infrastructure that supports all of your connected devices, whether you’re indoors or outside.

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Connectivity Matters

Wired and wireless connections make up your home network, but which is best for each application? For big gamers, wired connections offer steady speeds with no lag or choppy visuals; if you lose a gaming mission, it won’t be your internet connection’s fault! Home theaters need powerful wired connections that allow for speedy streaming services once you press the Play button on your smart remote. And your home office could do well with a wired connection if you typically sit at your desk all day.

Wi-Fi 6 Is the Best Fit for Smart Homes

Besides those stationary locations where your technology rarely, if ever, needs to move, wireless connectivity would suit your best. The latest Wi-Fi 6 technology is the latest generation of Wi-Fi that offers faster speeds and better multi-tasking ability when communicating between routers to the slew of wired and wireless devices in your smart home. 

Wi-Fi 6 shines as you add more devices to your network. Each device can maintain top speeds in a busy environment, so it’s a good technology fit for smart home automation and total home control. It will continue to serve you just as well now as it will in the future when you inevitably add additional devices. 

Step Outside & Stay Connected

Your outdoor connections matter just as much as your indoor connections! Imagine having a pool party or not being able to chat by the firepit with a soundtrack. Or not being able to automatically have landscape lighting turn on at dusk and off at sunrise. Powerful network solutions ensure all of this can happen with ease without degraded device performance. 

Expertly installed network cabling and wireless access points extend your network to the great outdoors to ensure your next gathering sings with music, podcasts, audiobooks, or TV audio. Our installation team is incredibly thorough and tests every wire end-to-end to ensure everything works properly. We work with enterprise-grade brands like Access Networks for the latest speed, security, and performance functions as well. 

Your Networking Partner

Whether running network cabling in a new construction home or upgrading your current network, 7220 Consulting is here for you every step of the way. Connect with us using our online form to start a conversation about your networking needs.

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