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The Transformative Power of Ketra Lighting


Enjoy Beautiful, Natural Lighting That Adjusts to Your Needs 

No technology in your home has a deeper impact on your comfort and well-being than lighting does. Every day, our bodies set their internal clocks to the color and brightness of the sun. During the day, we match our moods to the subtle changes of sunlight from crisp blues of the morning to amber tones of the evening. These days, however, we spend almost 90% of the time indoors. As a result, our bodies are slowly being disentwined from the harmonious power of sunlight.

Here is where a Ketra lighting solution steps in to get us back to our roots. Ketra architectural lighting invigorates our senses through full-spectrum, tunable light that automatically mimics sunlight's color temperature and brightness as it progresses throughout the day. Ketra fixtures and lamps, combined with intuitive control from Lutron, results in enhanced well-being and enhances the aesthetic of your home in Sheridan, WY, or the surrounding areas. 

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Explore the Ketra Difference 

Most lighting fixtures produce just one color temperature, but Ketra offers dynamic spectrum lighting with colors across the entire visible spectrum. Traditional two-channel tunable solutions limit you to white color temperatures between 2,500 and 6,000 Kelvin, while Ketra boasts a range, wider than that of even natural sunlight, between 1,400 and 10,000 Kelvin. 

Essentially this means you’re able to paint a wide array of scenes and moods that aren’t possible with traditional tunable lights. Vibrant blue hues elicit energy and focus when needed. A crisp white light highlights artwork or architectural features. Nurture calm and affection with warmer tones that resemble sunsets or candlelit dinners. For a special occasion, you can even move outside of the white light spectrum and tune your light to any one of 16.7 million colors, or even cycle through several programmed colors.

Ketra Lighting Demo from Ketra on Vimeo.

The Power of Automated Lighting 

The primary benefit of natural lighting is that it guides you through the day, so automation is a key component of any Ketra lighting. Our Ketra fixtures and lamps paired with Lutron control incorporate human-centric lighting scenes that automatically mimic the changes in the sunlight as the day progresses. 

During the day, your Ketra lighting sets the tone from the second you wake until you lay your head down to sleep. Each morning you wake to warm hues that ease you out of bed. As you go through your morning routine, lights change to a crisper white or blue hue that encourages productivity. At dusk, the fixtures warm up again to red-orange hues to help the family relax as they sit down for dinner.

Not only can these changes be scheduled, but you’ll be able to pull up the color temperature you need at any time from beautiful Lutron on-wall keypads, from the Lutron app, or from an automation system like Control4 or Crestron. Bring up precisely the mood you need at any moment with the press of a button. Enjoy pre-set scenes for doing homework, having dinner, throwing a party, or even your morning yoga session. 


Do you want a tailormade Ketra lighting solution for your home? Have our team of experts analyze your needs and develop a custom solution for your space. Take the first step by setting up a consultation with our team by calling or filling out our contact form.

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