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The Importance of a Robust Wi-Fi Network for Your Smart Home


A Professionally Installed Wi-Fi Network Offers Fast and Reliable Internet Coverage

A reliable internet connection and Wi-Fi network has become one of the most critical systems in our homes over the last few years. Whether you’re working from home and participating in frequent remote meetings, streaming media, gaming, or utilizing advanced smart home technologies, a fast and dependable connection is required.

Are you adding more technology and connected smart devices to your home network? Smart lighting, blinds, thermostats, and speakers require a solid internet connection to operate at peak performance. When we add our computers, tablets, smartphones, and the bandwidth-hogs known as gaming devices to the mix, it’s clear that if we don't have a robust Wi-Fi network, trouble may be brewing. 

The good news is that 7220 Consulting specializes in developing Wi-Fi networks that perform fast and reliably and offer great coverage both indoors and outside. As smart home integrators, we know the importance of this infrastructure that functions as the backbone of nearly everything you do in your home, including home automation. 

Let’s look at how you can get that fast Wi-Fi coverage for your home in Cheyenne, WY, or surrounding areas.

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Signs You Need a Home Network Upgrade

Fortunately, there are some signs to look for that tell you it’s time for an upgrade. For example, do you find yourself moving to different parts of the home in an attempt to stay connected? Does your computer show a full Wi-Fi signal, but websites take their time responding? Maybe your phone calls are dropping, or the dreaded buffering frequently interrupts your streaming Netflix service. 

If you walk outside and your Wi-Fi signal drops, consider the implication this may have for your smart door locks or security cameras. A smart home requires a solid home network both inside and out.

Your Router

A router communicates between the internet and the connected devices in your home, “routing” the traffic between the two. As you add more smart devices, more information travels along your home network, and your router is tasked with directing all this traffic.

Most internet service providers equip you with a router. These, however, are not always up to the task required in a home inundated with connected devices. Moreover, if not suitable or outdated, they can leave you open to cybersecurity attacks and stolen data. At 7220 Consulting, we set up networking infrastructure with enterprise-grade routers that have better security, better processing and traffic prioritization software, and better memory than the routers provided by ISPs.

Reliable Coverage

First, we’ll take a look at your router and its placement and make sure it’s equipped to handle your home’s Wi-Fi requirements. Then, we’ll analyze your home and possible barriers that prevent signals from reaching their destination. Adding one or more wireless access points almost always provides better coverage and a more reliable experience from corner to corner of the home and throughout the outdoor spaces than a Wi-Fi router.

The result is a fast, efficient, and secure home network that can handle your household’s internet needs. We’ll make sure you have a strong wireless signal throughout your home and yard, and one that supplies enough bandwidth to support your many activities, whether you’re using home automation functions such as adjusting shades or lighting, streaming music and movies, or building a shelter in Minecraft.


At 7220 Consulting, we’ve been designing and building networking systems and home theaters in Wyoming for almost 20 years. Today, we offer state-of-the-art, fully integrated home automation solutions. To learn more about developing a solid Wi-Fi system or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact 7220 Consulting today. 

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