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Transform Your Home Indoors and Out With a Lighting Control System

bathroom sink with backlit stone lighting.

Create beautiful spaces with lighting that enhances your home's architectural design and aesthetics

Imagine entering your home filled with natural light that offers a peaceful feeling. Bathe your home with light in different shades and intensities that help highlight every detail and architectural element of your home. A lighting control system allows you to create the ideal ambiance for every room of your home. Read on to find out how a lighting control system brings Casper, WY and surrounding areas residences to life.

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Landscape lighting will allow you to highlight the architectural features of your home, drawing attention to the details of your property. Landscape lights are a great integration of lighting control as they help accent your home's pathways, steps and entry points. In addition, these fixtures help keep your home safe with a well-lit home that keeps potential intruders away.

Lighting control lets you effortlessly manage outside lighting. For safety and visibility, put your outdoor lights on a schedule to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. For outdoor entertaining, use preset scenes activated by one touch that sets your lights to the perfect combination for any activity, from cocktail parties to movie nights under the stars. 


A lighting control system combined with a motorized shade system will let you deftly manage both natural and artificial light in an integrated way. You can use schedules based on sun exposures to raise and lower shades so your furnishings are protected from harmful UV damage. Turn on just the right amount of ambient light for any time of day. In a cold Wyoming winter, take advantage of the sun to warm up your interiors by raising automated shades automatically during the day. For even more automation and efficiency, light and heat sensors can be used to trigger your lighting and shading for ultimate comfort and control.

Take a step further into dynamic lighting with Ketra by Lutron LED lighting, and your home is transformed into a space of true beauty. Ketra offers tunable lighting with colors across the entire visible spectrum that allows you to create scenes so unique that you could use a different color every day. Tunable lighting adjusts white color temperature for light that feels natural every part of the day, from brighter, bluer light for energy and focus to warmer, redder and amber hues for easing into relaxation as the day wanes. Ketra automatically matches the color temperature of the sun at any time of day, promoting health and wellness by aligning your lighting with the body’s natural Circadian rhythm.

Other LED lighting fixtures can add style and function to your home. Linear under-cabinet lights, molding and soffit lights, and shelving illumination can add flair to your overall interior lighting design and provide excellent task lighting from a hidden source. Backlit stonework can provide the home with unique and breathtaking features that are the pinnacle of luxury lighting.


Want to learn more about what a lighting control system can do in your Wyoming home? . Contact us; we look forward to working with you!

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