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The Key Audio-Visual Components of a Modern Conference Room


Provide Efficient and Productive Meetings with Today’s AV Systems 

Video conferencing has taken businesses by storm, and what was once an optional component of a company’s operations is now a necessity. Today's updated, smart conferencing systems have proven invaluable in creating engaging experiences and building stronger relationships between both clients and employees.

These advanced systems also save time and money. According to Globe Newswire, 47% of businesses that use video conferencing reduce business travel and travel-related expenses. Additionally, over 50% considered the companies that use these systems more innovative.

Are you ready to take your team in Laramie, WY, to the next level with commercial AV systems that help your business run more smoothly and operate with greater efficiency? First, let's look at the equipment you need, and the AV services 7220 Consulting provides to create more productive work environments and build spaces for easy and clear communication. 

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Smart Audio-Video Equipment  

Whether you’re upgrading your current system, creating a big boardroom and event space, or equipping a small room for an intimate gathering, there’s specific equipment you’ll need for today’s video conferencing and team meetings. By choosing the suitable systems and ensuring proper installation, you no longer have to worry about dropped sessions, grainy video feeds, or poor audio quality requiring clients or staff to repeat everything multiple times. Instead, with today's technology, every meeting flows seamlessly.


To ensure crystal clear images, you’ll need a smart video conference camera. These cameras connect to computers, and monitors, or even purpose-built live streaming hardware. Commercial-grade conferencing cameras provide excellent views of everyone in the room. In addition, some cameras offer pan-tilt-zoom features that activate when a person is speaking to place them front and center. These cameras are designed and built to be durable for a long life, even when used for many hours every day. 


When you enter a conference room, the first thing you notice is the display. This collaboration tool lets you see colleagues and clients in other locations, screen share from laptops, and view presentations. Today’s 4K UHD displays and projectors offer crystal clear images that make in-person attendees feel like their remote colleagues are in the room. If your team utilizes significant content presentation, separate or dual displays are recommended.

Newline Interactive is an official Zoom partner that offers an intuitive, interactive display. Cast wirelessly to the display with ease from across the room or across the network. Tap the screen to start your meeting. Take notes directly on the display and share them instantly. These displays increase collaboration organically and allow meeting content to be shared quickly and effortlessly.

Speakers and Microphones 

Strategically placed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers means that everyone can hear every detail. Without distorted audio causing missed or mixed messages, meetings feel like they’re taking place in real-time. Power-over-ethernet speakers allow the use of existing network infrastructure for a simple and flexible installation. 

Conference microphones ensure the clarity of the speech or presentation. Shure conferencing microphones reproduce sound intelligibly, making sure that every word is heard, both in the meeting space and for remote participants. Shure’s conferencing systems allow for natural communication as if all participants were in the same room. In-ceiling, tabletop, and wireless systems offer elegant solutions for every environment and application.

Smart Conference Rooms 

Are you looking to impress new or potential clients with a state-of-the-art conference room or improve the operational efficiency of your business? Our project managers and certified technicians at 7220 Consulting can design and install an automation system that controls projectors, speakers, screens, shades, and lighting from one intuitive user interface using the best products in the industry from Crestron.

Audio-Video Conferencing Software  

Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms are two of the most popular video conferencing software solutions. Both deliver a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with conference room hardware. In addition to high-quality AV conferencing, these systems include digital whiteboarding features and calendar integration. 7220 Consulting’s AV systems offerings integrate smoothly with these and other conferencing solutions.


7220 Consulting is currently the only company in Wyoming offering the full spectrum of integrated technology solutions for commercial and residential clients. We’re a company founded by Wyoming natives and proud to support the people who live and work here with the latest easy-to-use, life-altering technology.

To learn more about AV services and today’s advanced conference rooms or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact 7220 Consulting today.

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