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Today’s Home Theaters Rival the Best Cinematic Experiences


Experience the Ultimate Home Theater Technology at 7220 Consulting’s Cinema Showroom. 

Have you been considering creating a home theater? A place with the perfect ambiance for friends and family to gather to take in the latest movies, binge watch Netflix, or challenge each other to a game of Fortnite or Spider-Man?

If you’re hesitating because you’re concerned that no home theater design can rival that of the America Luxury Movie Palace or Studio City Mesa in Casper, WY, think again. Today's technology brings the same immersive experience to your home—the feeling of being on the movie set instead of being a bystander. So, let's see how it's done. 

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Immersive Images

If you’re looking for a theater experience that includes images that are larger than life, JVC’s 4K and 8K UHD projectors may be the answer to the theater of your dreams. These projectors can project lifelike video on our Seymour Screen-Excellence screens of over 200inches in stunning 4K or even 8K resolution with lifelike colors and high dynamic range.

This means that the pictures are brighter, the details clearer, and the images take you into the scene. Additionally, front speakers are hidden directly behind the acoustically-transparent screen for maximum immersion.

If you’re looking for a little more intimate gathering with a large screen TV, you’ll find the latest 4K and 8K HDR TVs with OLED screens deliver the image exactly as the director intended: stunning visuals with crystal-clear viewing that will take your breath away.

Surround Sound

Of course, the image is only 50% of the cinematic experience. World-class in-wall speakers from Triad or Wisdom Audio provide sound that truly takes you to another place.

Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound creates a soundscape that moves above and around you, transporting you right into the film. You hear the planes flying overhead, sense the rain as it falls around you, hear bullets fly past, and feel engulfed in a multi-dimensional sound field.

This technology also takes playing a video game to a whole new level. Dolby Atmosallowsyou to hear exactly where the enemy, competing racers, or other online players are at all times for a competitive edge. 

One-Touch Control

One of the best elements of a home theater is the ease with which all the moving parts come together. With Control4 automation, we can program the system so that with one touch on an in-wall touchscreen, tablet, or remote, the movie and sound begin, the lights dim, and the Lutron blackout shades lower. 

When it’s time to grab a snack, a dimly illuminated path of lights takes you from your home theater to the kitchen or mini bar. 

The First-Hand Experience

As with most events in life, it’s hard to get a feel for the experience a home theater offers with words alone. That’s why we’ve created our Laramie showroom, the 7220 Cinema. 

Call us for an appointment, and we’ll show you the many intricacies and incredible technology found in today’s home theaters. In our 7220 Cinema, the full cinematic experience is provided by 13 Triad surround speakers for fully immersive Dolby Atmos audio, four powerful Triad subwoofers for a truly breathtaking bass experience, and a bright, 4K JVC laser projector with a Panamorph anamorphic lens projected on a 198” ultrawide cinema screen by Seymour Screen Excellence. This experience wouldn’t be complete without luxurious, all-leather powered cinema seating by Cinematech. The 7220 Cinema also showcases a full suite of luxury lighting and Control4 automation.

By viewing the many unique integrated options in an actual setting, we can work with you to create a customized solution that exceeds your every expectation. 

Our team at 7220 Consulting has been proudly serving Wyoming residents for almost 20 years. We started building home theaters and other entertainment systems and now offer all the many smart home automation solutions. We're committed to providing our clients with the best state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology that creates a luxurious home environment. 

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to see our home theater showroom or receive a complimentary consultation, contact 7220 Consulting today. 

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