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How Whole Home Automation Brings Enhanced Living to Every Part of Your Home


Turn your entire Sheridan, WY home into a luxurious and stylish space with whole home automation.

When starting a home automation project, you may think that hundreds of gadgets and devices are required to make your residence fully automated. While this may be the case behind the scenes, a complete automation system integrates multiple home functions into one system controlled by a single touchscreen device, remote, or app with a single, unified interface that is easy and intuitive to operate, while also being designed to be extremely reliable.

Whole home automation interfaces can be made nearly invisible or blend with your specific architectural design and allow us to add convenience and luxury to your Sheridan, WY home without complexity. Read on to learn more about what whole home automation can do for you both indoors and outdoors.

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Whole home automation brings luxury and style to every room through different functions integrated into a single system that allows you to control and manage multiple functions from a single device. For all music, sports and movie lovers, distributed audio and video is a must! Want to play the most important game of the season on all your screens? It is possible! You can start watching your football game in your living room and finish watching it in your backyard or on your bedroom TV. The audio will be played in all or just the part of the house, allowing you to stay on top of everything and not miss a thing. You can listen to any music source in every room of the home, with audiophile-quality speakers that disappear into your décor. 

With a home theater that includes a powerful and visceral Dolby Atmos surround sound system with up to 32 channels and 8K-resolution video on a screen that is large enough to provide the same level of immersion as an IMAX, the cinematic experience of your own home can exceed that of even the most luxurious public cinemas.

When integrating multiple systems in your home, you may wonder if your home network is up to the task. We offer advanced home networking solutions and Wi-Fi systems so that nothing is left out of your whole home automation. A commercial-quality home network will enable all your systems to work reliably, with strong connectivity anywhere in your home, inside or outside. 

Advanced home automation also allows you to create an intelligent home that can protect you in many ways. For example, you can integrate sensors to prevent water leaks in the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and laundry room to ensure that any water intrusion is immediately detected and main water valves are automatically and instantly turned off, avoiding costly damage.

Smart thermostats provide intuitive temperature control from anywhere and can automatically detect when you’re home or away, providing maximum energy savings. They can even send you an alert if an HVAC failure has occurred and the system is unable to maintain the set temperature while you are away, allowing a repair to be ordered before any freeze damage can occur.

Strategically-placed temperature sensors and integrated appliances can automatically alert you if a freezer or refrigerator has failed, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never have to throw out an entire freezer worth of food.


With outdoor audio and video entertainment that blends seamlessly with your landscape and outdoor amenities, you get greater enjoyment from all your outdoor activities. Listen to your favorite music while barbecuing, or play your favorite movie on an outdoor TV specially designed to withstand the natural elements and reduce glare from the sun's rays. Plus, you can manage all of these functions through voice control! Even if you are in the pool, you can control lights and entertainment with just your voice.

To protect your home, whole home automation allows you to maintain constant surveillance on every part of your property. Through a smartphone, tablet, or wall-mounted control, or automatically, you can activate or deactivate your smart locks or turn on the lights at night. In addition, you will have access to your cameras and motion alerts even when you are not at home, giving you peace of mind with exceptional smart security.

Whole home automation offers hundreds of possibilities with intuitive control through a single, unified user interface and natural-language voice control. Contact us!

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