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One Tap & The Entire Room Responds: A Home Theater with Smart Control

Couple sits on a couch in a dimmed home theater, looking at large TV mounted on the wall.

Discover How to Tie-In Multiple Technologies with 7220 Consulting

In our last few articles, we’ve delved into the extensive home theater design process, explaining how to select the ideal projector, speakers, and display screen. With these components all designed and installed by a luxury home theater designer like 7220 Consulting, you’ll experience jaw-dropping movies, cheer-worthy sports, and a wide range of other media from the comfort of your home in Cheyenne, WY, or the surrounding areas.

But you can take your personal entertainment experience to new heights of luxury with smart home control. Imagine pressing the Play button and having the entire room adjust to prepare for the perfect movie night or Netflix binge. Read below to find out what’s possible for home theater integration.

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The Smart Home Control Experience

A home theater space is the ultimate spot for relaxation and enjoying yourself at the end of a long day. Let it soothe your soul with stunning soundtracks, riveting action sequences, and immersive performances by award-winning actors, athletes, or video game characters. The options are practically endless.

You’ll feel like you’re in the scene yourself, thanks to lights that automatically dim to the perfect setting once you fire up the AV system. Windows with opaque motorized shades block out any ambient light from entering the space. The thermostat will adjust to the perfect setting, just cozy enough to need a light blanket to wrap yourself in for the best movie, TV show, or sports experiences from the comfort of home. A home theater with smart home control is an ideal spot for entertaining friends and family or simply enjoying time to yourself with the latest show and movie releases.

Smart Home Control Options

The 7220 Consulting team has extensive experience with and exclusive access to high-end home automation and control partnerships with brands like Crestron and Savant. These companies are industry leaders in the home automation and control space, developing luxury lifestyle smart systems that make homeowners’ lives more convenient and comfortable at the tap of a button. 

Customized Smart Home Experiences

Our systems designers will assess your property and viewing preferences to determine the best-suited home control platform to use in your home theater space that works for the rest of your home, too. For example, if you're a big sports fan and like staying up-to-date with scores, Savant's Video Tiling would be an excellent addition for game day, letting you watch multiple games simultaneously on the same screen! If you have several third-party app integrations you'd like in your entertainment space or have a very large property, a Crestron home may be a better fit.

Ultimately, whichever platform you decide upon will be a bespoke solution that’s purposefully built and installed while respecting your project's size, scope, and budget! You can rest easy knowing the 7220 Consulting experts integrated your home theater into a smart home control platform.


Want to bring smart control to your home theater? Connect with our team here to start a conversation about the possibilities!

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