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Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting

A home with a raised flag and beautiful outdoor lighting surrounded by hills.

Create an Enchanting Landscape with the Latest Outdoor Lighting

Consider the homes on your street. When you drive by them at night, is there one that catches your eye? The right landscape lighting makes a home stand out from the crowd, enhancing its curb appeal, safety, and security. 

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your property and home value or considering putting your house on the market, great outdoor lighting design is the key. At 7220 Consulting, we combine today’s state-of-the-art lighting with the latest technology to create outdoor spaces in Cheyenne, WY, and the surrounding areas that take your breath away. 

Let’s explore how to create that great first impression and increase your curb appeal with landscape lighting.

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What a New Luxury Home Theater Brings to Your Home

A luxury home theater ready for high-end entertainment.

See How an Uncompromising Theater Design Provides an Unrivaled Cinematic Experience

Throughout this blog series, we’ve been taking a close look at the individual components that make up a home theater. By understanding the part each technology plays in creating a theater experience, it becomes easy to see why it’s so important to ensure every component is the best it can be.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the finished product to see how every tiny detail plays a big part in the finished experience. Everything from the display to the internet is working together to provide a watching experience that rivals any theater. Keep reading to see what a finished, luxury home theater can bring to your Cheyenne, WY, home and why it’s so important that every product is the right fit.

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One Tap & The Entire Room Responds: A Home Theater with Smart Control

Couple sits on a couch in a dimmed home theater, looking at large TV mounted on the wall.

Discover How to Tie-In Multiple Technologies with 7220 Consulting

In our last few articles, we’ve delved into the extensive home theater design process, explaining how to select the ideal projector, speakers, and display screen. With these components all designed and installed by a luxury home theater designer like 7220 Consulting, you’ll experience jaw-dropping movies, cheer-worthy sports, and a wide range of other media from the comfort of your home in Cheyenne, WY, or the surrounding areas.

But you can take your personal entertainment experience to new heights of luxury with smart home control. Imagine pressing the Play button and having the entire room adjust to prepare for the perfect movie night or Netflix binge. Read below to find out what’s possible for home theater integration.

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The Importance of a Strong Home Network in a Home Theater

An internet router in a luxury smart home.

Upgrade Your Network for a Seamless Streaming Experience

Building a home theater is an exciting project, and there’s more involved than some people may realize. In addition to choosing the perfect display and audio setup, some unseen components are just as crucial. For example, without a strong internet connection, your home theater won’t work as seamlessly as you’d like. 

Throughout this blog series, we’ve reviewed all the components and technologies needed to craft the perfect home theater. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a strong home network. It may not seem like an important part of a home theater, but it’s necessary for accessing your favorite entertainment and ensuring all your smart technology is working together. Keep reading to see how a strong network improves entertainment throughout homes in Cheyenne, WY, and surrounding areas.

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Building a Home Theater: Finding the Best Sound

Building a Home Theater: Finding the Best Sound

Create a Cinema With a Top-of-the-Line Sound the System

In this blog series, we’ve been doing a deep dive into the components needed to craft a top-tier custom theater. Last blog, we discovered how to pick the best projector for a stunning image that will enamor you with its bright colors and details. Now it’s time to talk about audio. 

Audio in a home theater is equally as important as a display. Your audio system is what delivers the soaring soundtrack, quiet dialogue, and booming sound effects. It’s important that you have a sound system that can do it all, wrapping you in immersive sound so you feel like you’re a part of the movie. Adding a high-end surround sound system to your home theater in the Cheyenne, WY area will make all the difference. Check out these audio system products and how they enhance your theater experience.

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The Right Tools for the Right Job: Choosing a Home Projector

large projection screen showing Brad Pitt driving a car, situated in a luxury personal cinema.

An Immersive Viewing Experience Awaits You with Luxury Home Theater Design

In our last blog, we shared the importance of choosing the right professional team for your luxury home theater design. The expert AV specialists at 7220 Consulting offer extensive experience and know-how for your new or upgraded entertainment spaces in Cheyenne, WY, and the surrounding areas. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of your home projector selection. There are many options on the market these days, so knowing what to look for while researching products is essential. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Luxury Home Theater Design: Choosing the Right Professionals

A luxury home theater with state-of-the-art equipment.

Get the Best Theater Possible With a Company That Shares Your Vision

A home theater is the height of luxury. It brings all the magic of the movies to your home in Cheyenne, WY, or the surrounding areas. You can have the same high-quality AV equipment in your personal theater as state-of-the-art cinemas. However, for a truly luxurious finished theater, you’ll need to work with a professional home theater company that can provide a luxury home theater design.

In this blog series, we’ll be going into detail about all the products that make up a luxury home theater. But every theater project starts with the design. If the design is poorly crafted, it won’t matter how high-quality the products are. Keep reading to learn more about premium theater design and how 7220 Consulting strives to create the best theater possible for every customer.

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What Do I Need Besides Security Cameras?

closeup of a Control4 tablet’s security system interface with historical alerts and video feed of a delivery person.

Top Features You Should Have in Your Home Security System

Protecting your loved ones, as well as your property, is always at the forefront of your mind. But if you’ve been overwhelmed with the details of upgrading your existing home security system, then it’s time to call the experts at 7220 Consulting!

If you’re ready to protect your home in Cheyenne, WY, or the surrounding areas more comprehensively, keep reading below! We’ll cover the main components you need to consider for a new or upgraded system for improved peace of mind. 

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Energize Your Cinema Experience by Staying at Home

Home theater room with a projector and projection screen setup, comfy seating, and lamps in the foreground.

Explore What’s Possible with a Home Theater System Installation

There’s no need to commute across town to visit the local cineplex whenever you want to watch a movie. Now, you can experience the immersive new worlds expertly crafted by award-winning directors from the comfort of your home in Northern Colorado. 

Keep reading below to explore what’s possible when you have a full-service home theater system design and installation in your Fort Collins-area home. We’ll walk you through what you’ll experience once you press the Play button!

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Make Your Next Event Sensational with Commercial Audio/Video Systems

Man giving a presentation in a conference room filled with guests that have wireless microphones in front of them.

Your Wyoming Conference Room or Event Venue Can Go Beyond Sharing a Simple Slide Deck

Event coordinators and conference planning committees are always looking for exciting ways to elevate the success of their next event, session, or program. Gone are the days of having a crowd seated in front of a host panel perched at the front of the room. Now, it’s expected for conference sessions to include high-definition displays, great audio performance, and even theatrical lighting for experiences that rival TED Talks and Apple Event announcements! If you’ve been looking for a way to make your venue in the Casper, WY area shine, it’s time to consider your commercial audio/video systems

Keep reading our blog below to discover a few ways you can improve your revenue, help your clients, and more with advanced technology solutions.

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Networking Solutions You Need to Consider For Your Home

Networking rack installed in a client’s home with several yellow connection cables organized neatly.

Let 7220 Consulting Take the Guesswork Out of Connectivity

Take a moment to think of how many devices you have connected to your Wyoming home’s network. In 2022, the average American household has 16 connected devices, but that device count triples in homes with smart home control systems, according to CE Pro, the leading online and print publication for the custom electronics industry.

Advanced networking solutions from a professional team like 7220 Consulting are required to support various devices and systems, including automated shades, lighting control, and home theaters. To experience what daily living could be like in Casper or the surrounding areas, keep reading below! We’ll walk you through what it takes to set up a network infrastructure that supports all of your connected devices, whether you’re indoors or outside.

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How We Make Your Home Theater Installation A Success

How We Make Your Home Theater Installation A Success

From start to finish, our technicians will be with you every step of the way

More homeowners than ever are consuming entertainment at home. Whether it is the latest blockbuster on 4K Bluray or a hit new show on a major streaming service, our home audio-video experiences have become more important than ever. 7220 Consulting can tailor a private cinema for you that will transform how you enjoy digital entertainment into a fully immersive experience.

A dedicated home theater can exceed the magic of your local cinema in the comfort of your own home. So how do you bring this experience into your home? Check out this blog to learn how our experts take you through every step of a home theater installation process for a turnkey solution in Cheyenne, Laramie, and the surrounding Wyoming areas.

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Transform Your Home Indoors and Out With a Lighting Control System

bathroom sink with backlit stone lighting.

Create beautiful spaces with lighting that enhances your home's architectural design and aesthetics

Imagine entering your home filled with natural light that offers a peaceful feeling. Bathe your home with light in different shades and intensities that help highlight every detail and architectural element of your home. A lighting control system allows you to create the ideal ambiance for every room of your home. Read on to find out how a lighting control system brings Casper, WY and surrounding areas residences to life.

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How Whole Home Automation Brings Enhanced Living to Every Part of Your Home


Turn your entire Sheridan, WY home into a luxurious and stylish space with whole home automation.

When starting a home automation project, you may think that hundreds of gadgets and devices are required to make your residence fully automated. While this may be the case behind the scenes, a complete automation system integrates multiple home functions into one system controlled by a single touchscreen device, remote, or app with a single, unified interface that is easy and intuitive to operate, while also being designed to be extremely reliable.

Whole home automation interfaces can be made nearly invisible or blend with your specific architectural design and allow us to add convenience and luxury to your Sheridan, WY home without complexity. Read on to learn more about what whole home automation can do for you both indoors and outdoors.

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Why We Use Lutron Shades in Our Residential and Commercial Projects


Lutron’s Versatile Portfolio Makes it the Perfect Choice for Any Application 

Natural light can change the look of your space and affect how you feel throughout the day. Whether for residential or commercial projects, managing natural light is vital to the quality of the space. To make the most of natural light while boosting luxury, privacy, and security in your home, Lutron offers a wide range of models and applications. Read on to learn more about why we use Lutron shade automation and why you should too in your home or business in Cheyenne, WY. 

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Why We Trust Control4 for Our Smart Home Installations


Enjoy Greater Smart Home Reliability and Versatility with Control4 

Do you want to integrate technology that improves your everyday life? Then Control4 is the perfect solution for your smart home installation. It is the most trusted name in the custom home technology industry, and for a good reason. Through an ongoing commitment to innovation, the company has developed smart home solutions that are beautiful, intuitive, scalable and reliable. Below, we highlight why we recommend Control4 for all our residential installations in Cheyenne, WY, and the surrounding areas.

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The Transformative Power of Ketra Lighting


Enjoy Beautiful, Natural Lighting That Adjusts to Your Needs 

No technology in your home has a deeper impact on your comfort and well-being than lighting does. Every day, our bodies set their internal clocks to the color and brightness of the sun. During the day, we match our moods to the subtle changes of sunlight from crisp blues of the morning to amber tones of the evening. These days, however, we spend almost 90% of the time indoors. As a result, our bodies are slowly being disentwined from the harmonious power of sunlight.

Here is where a Ketra lighting solution steps in to get us back to our roots. Ketra architectural lighting invigorates our senses through full-spectrum, tunable light that automatically mimics sunlight's color temperature and brightness as it progresses throughout the day. Ketra fixtures and lamps, combined with intuitive control from Lutron, results in enhanced well-being and enhances the aesthetic of your home in Sheridan, WY, or the surrounding areas. 

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The Importance of a Robust Wi-Fi Network for Your Smart Home


A Professionally Installed Wi-Fi Network Offers Fast and Reliable Internet Coverage

A reliable internet connection and Wi-Fi network has become one of the most critical systems in our homes over the last few years. Whether you’re working from home and participating in frequent remote meetings, streaming media, gaming, or utilizing advanced smart home technologies, a fast and dependable connection is required.

Are you adding more technology and connected smart devices to your home network? Smart lighting, blinds, thermostats, and speakers require a solid internet connection to operate at peak performance. When we add our computers, tablets, smartphones, and the bandwidth-hogs known as gaming devices to the mix, it’s clear that if we don't have a robust Wi-Fi network, trouble may be brewing. 

The good news is that 7220 Consulting specializes in developing Wi-Fi networks that perform fast and reliably and offer great coverage both indoors and outside. As smart home integrators, we know the importance of this infrastructure that functions as the backbone of nearly everything you do in your home, including home automation. 

Let’s look at how you can get that fast Wi-Fi coverage for your home in Cheyenne, WY, or surrounding areas.

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The Key Audio-Visual Components of a Modern Conference Room


Provide Efficient and Productive Meetings with Today’s AV Systems 

Video conferencing has taken businesses by storm, and what was once an optional component of a company’s operations is now a necessity. Today's updated, smart conferencing systems have proven invaluable in creating engaging experiences and building stronger relationships between both clients and employees.

These advanced systems also save time and money. According to Globe Newswire, 47% of businesses that use video conferencing reduce business travel and travel-related expenses. Additionally, over 50% considered the companies that use these systems more innovative.

Are you ready to take your team in Laramie, WY, to the next level with commercial AV systems that help your business run more smoothly and operate with greater efficiency? First, let's look at the equipment you need, and the AV services 7220 Consulting provides to create more productive work environments and build spaces for easy and clear communication. 

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Today’s Home Theaters Rival the Best Cinematic Experiences


Experience the Ultimate Home Theater Technology at 7220 Consulting’s Cinema Showroom. 

Have you been considering creating a home theater? A place with the perfect ambiance for friends and family to gather to take in the latest movies, binge watch Netflix, or challenge each other to a game of Fortnite or Spider-Man?

If you’re hesitating because you’re concerned that no home theater design can rival that of the America Luxury Movie Palace or Studio City Mesa in Casper, WY, think again. Today's technology brings the same immersive experience to your home—the feeling of being on the movie set instead of being a bystander. So, let's see how it's done. 

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